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During the summer of 2018, I interned in The Jerusalem Post's news department, covering a wide range of topics--from protests in downtown Jerusalem to meetings in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) to light shows and museum exhibits and so on. I interviewed and worked with sources in both English and Hebrew, the latter of which I have a working proficiency in; I interviewed CEOs, parliament members, professors, and wine sellers while reporting, among many others.

Please note: I've seen a few of my articles for JPost reposted by various organizations on their own websites, without my input (although they may have permission from the newspaper itself). That does not imply I am connected to any of those organizations or endorse them.Photo: Near the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem. Taken by myself.

A selection of my reporting for JPost:

Caterers unable to deliver to Gaza border donate meals to poor instead (Aug. 9, 2018)

A catering company in the Gaza border area, unable to deliver thousands of meals to kindergartens and other places in the region due to the volatile situation, donated the meals to the Leket Israel food bank and other groups.

Conflict reporting

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46 Haredi extremists arrested in Jerusalem demonstrations (Aug. 2, 2018)

Dozens of haredi extremists took to the streets of Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon to block traffic at a major junction in the city center, with the police deploying mounted police and water cannons with skunk spray to disperse them.

on-the-ground local reporting

co-written with Rocky Baier, Naomi Grant, and Eliana Schreiber

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Learning Arabic along the light rail (Jul. 28, 2018)

During the first week of July, Jerusalemites taking the light rail had the chance to spend their morning commute – or at least the wait for the next train – learning Arabic. Posters at each station introduced an Arabic word, its translation into Hebrew, and a few sentences providing more information on the origin and usage of the word.

Magazine feature story

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Internal Affairs Committee calls for regulating bridal guidance programs (Jun. 26, 2018)

During a discussion about Hadrachat Kalah, the pre-marital bridal guidance that women in Israel are required to take under the jurisdiction of the Rabbinate, the Knesset’s Internal Affairs Committee called for the Religious Services Ministry and the Chief Rabbinate to regulate the training of bridal counselors, the content of the bridal courses and the costs of the programs, among other factors.

Political reporting

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